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Friday, December 10, 2010

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

GM Grants Approval to Spies Hecker

Spies Hecker was invited, along with other refinish paint companies, to participate in the newly released General Motors 4901M Refinish Specifications. After undergoing rigorous testing procedures, Spies Hecker met all requirements and has received General Motor’s official approval.

The General Motors Service Technology Group (GM-STG), along with the General Motors North American Operations Engineering Group (GM-NAO), reviewed the test results, Testing procedures are updated annually to maintain the quality of “approved” systems used by GM Dealer Networks for the warranty refinishing of GM vehicles.

Spies Hecker’s Solventborne and Waterborne Systems were tested. Each system was tested to resist stone chipping, chemicals (softening, staining etc.), and environmental elements. In addition to these requirements, Spies Hecker passed environmental regulations as well.
Official endorsements increased both dealer and customer confidence and help secure existing customer relations. Now that Spies Hecker has received GM’s approval, their products should be considered a “preferred choice” among the General Motors Dealer Network.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Paintless Dent Repair Revives Classic's Show-Quality Paint Job

An Article By: Sam Barer

A newly painted classic is a wonderful sight. When that car is your own 1986 Ferrrari 328 GTS, it’s even better.

Thanks to a number of mishaps that will be included in two future Sound Classic pieces titled “How you know you’ve Picked the wrong auto shipping company” and “Bad things that happen when your friends drive your Ferrari”, the 328 GTS I purchased last year was treated to a full exterior body and paint restoration. Choosing Olympia-based Hoey’s Autobody was a no-brainer. After winning Best in Show at Concorso Italiano in California with his Lamborghini Miura, Paul Hoey’s expertise is recognized worldwide.

My 328 GTS was one of only a handful factory delivered in Blu Medio Metallico, so I opted to maintain this rare grayish-blue color. It took countless hours of work by the magic hands of Hoey’s team to straighten twenty years of dings and dimples. On a fine November day, though, my Ferrari’s beautiful Pininfarina-penned lines were as perfect as the day the car left the Maranello, Italy factory.

When the Ferrari came home from Hoey’s, it went directly into hibernation for the winter. Last week it was time to clean off the dust, polish, and put a thick coat of wax for a long season of drives and shows.

The Hippocratic Oath’s primary tenet of “first, do no harm” applies as much to collector cars as it does to medicine. Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention when I rested my hand on the car’s roof pillar while rubbing away dried wax on the fender. This seemingly structural area actually made of steel thinner than Costco margins was left with a dent in the exact form of my left palm.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spies Hecker Receives Mercedes-Benz Approval

Mercedes- Benz has just announced the approval of Spies Hecker products for refinishing. The approval is the latest in a series of official endorsements received by Spies Hecker over the past six months.
As extended warranties became more popular, official approvals are becoming more important. The dealer network relies on approvals to substitute a product’s ability to meet official standards when returning a vehicle to its original condition.
Mercedes is in good company with General Motors, BMW, and Ford adding to Spies Hecker’s long list of industry leaders who’ve given their seal of approval.